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U.S. Court Says Cleveland Man Can Sue In Arrest Over Anti-Police Parody Facebook Page


The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals of Cincinnati, Ohio shows thorough and unabashed support for Anthony Novak in a 3-0 decision to pursue several lawsuits over his 2016 arrest and later acquittal. Novak ran a Facebook page mocking a Cleveland police department.

Novak was unlawfully arrested for “disrupting public service” in March, 2016 as a direct response from Cleveland police over his parody Facebook page, lambasting the city’s police officers. The arrest is one of many cases leading to calls for increased police oversight as police violence and false arrests continue to make headlines.

“Novak’s page delighted, disgusted, and confused. Not everyone understood it,” writes Trump-appointed judge Amul Thapar, “But when it comes to parody, the law requires a reasonable reader standard, not a ‘most gullible person on Facebook’ standard. The First Amendment does not depend on whether everyone is in on the joke.”

Protest Turns Violent At Australian University As Pro-Democracy and Pro-Beijing Protesters Clash


The violence over the freedom of Hong Kong citizens is no longer limited to Hong Kong. Students numbering in the hundreds gathered on the campus of the University of Queensland, staging a sit-in to protest Hong Kong’s controversial extradition bill, that if passed, would permit Hong Kong to extradite criminals to mainland China, a country with significantly fewer freedoms for citizens, and serious human rights issues.

During the protest, pro-Beijing counter protesters arrived on the scene, and “They drove us to the lawn and surrounded us for half an hour,” says student Christy Leung. Shortly after, she says the counter protesters began attacking the pro-democracy students.

7 News Australia

No arrests were made in the Australian protest, but the students feel the need to express their resolute support for the citizens of Hong Kong who continue to be beaten, bloodied, and arrested in the streets. As the pro-democracy marches shift from weeks-long to months, China merely adds fuel to the fire, jailing a human rights activist for allegedly leaking state secrets to the world.